About Us

About Us

Export Agency LLC specializes in supply of Belarusian goods worldwide.

One of our business lines is sales of wallpapers manufactured by Unitary Enterprise “Gomeloboi”.



Here are the advantages of purchase of wallpapers made by Unitary Enterprise “Gomeloboi”:


– professional success in the wallpaper market for over 80 years (since 1936);

– continual manufacturing practice improvement and product-line expansion;

– advanced factory facilities made by Stork (The Netherlands) (similar equipment is fixed in wallpaper factory Rasch (Germany));

– contemporary design and high quality of wallpaper;

– excellent reputation in foreign markets such as Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Bulgaria, Poland, France, Georgia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Mongolia.


Why is it profitable for you to cooperate with our company?

Export Agency LLC is an official trade representative of Unitary Enterprise “Gomeloboi”. When dealing with our company, you may purchase Belarusian wallpapers at the manufacturer's price. Moreover, we take complete customs registration of goods within the territory of the Republic of Belarus and delivery of goods to your stock upon ourselves.


Here are the benefits of cooperation with our company:

– you save your time;

– you are delivered from the necessity of making arrangements with transport companies and the customs body;

– your costs for purchase and delivery of Belarusian wallpapers are least;

– you deal with the coordinated team of highly-skilled professionals;

– you achieve your goals efficiently in a very short time.


All the questions of import of Belarusian wallpapers to your country you may entrust to Export Agency LLC.