Our company is interested in entry into foreign markets.

In order to enter into effective cooperation we are searching for business partners.


Conditions for Export Agency LLC dealers

One of our company’s key priorities is cooperation. In order to enter into mutually profitable and long-term cooperation we offer all necessary conditions:

  • flexible pricing policy, convenient payment methods, discount system, individual dealer prices;
  • responsibility and discipline;
  • statistics and analytics;
  • punctual notification of current prices and availability of products;
  • expansive marketing opportunities;
  • worldwide delivery of goods by means of the transport company you prefer;
  • free promotional materials;
  • data base access;
  • posting of your company in the capacity of a dealer on Export Agency LLC’s website in “Contacts” category.


We will consider all proposals of cooperation, particularly with regional companies. We lean toward the companies which have the possibility to embrace continuous wholesale market outlet and which are primed for effective and long-term relations.


Are you capable of being our representative worldwide and of providing high sales and distribution volume?

You are welcome to cooperation.


To be granted the dealer status you need:

  • to have stable financial position;
  • to have well-developed sales network;
  • to provide Export Agency LLC’s product promotion;
  • to comply with dealer conditions and contractual obligations according to a contract between Export Agency LLC and your company;
  • to comply with payment discipline and marketing policy (we provide you with recommended prices, but final cost is settled by yours);
  • to have your own website for product advertising;
  • to update information on your website and make due adjustments and add new products regularly and promptly.


If your company complies with aforementioned requirements and is willing to observe dealer conditions, for cooperation you have to provide us with documents and information as follows:

  1. certificate of state registration of a legal entity;
  2. tax registration certificate;
  3. website(-s) URL(-s);
  4. surname, first names and phone number of a contact person;
  5. business address for specifying it as major.

We kindly ask you to send aforementioned documents and information via email (ref. “Contact Us” page) with message subject “Dealer”. After review of received information and positive solution we will send you the notification of award of the dealer status and further instructions.

We need to be assured that our partner complies with the requirements of the region that he represents.